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Culinary Tour in Jeju Island


Mom-guk is the next typical Jeju food. Mom is a Jeju dialect for gulfweed a kind of seaweed that is rich
in fat, calcium, and vitamins and grows among the rocks in the ocean. This soup is usually served at 
private occasions such as a particular celebration or when mourning. This soup is very nutritious and rich 
in nutrients, usually this soup sold about 5,000 - 7,000 Won.

2.Galchi Jorim

Galchi-Yorim is a spicy soup made from swordfish meat sold in restaurants in Seogwipo, Jeju. Spices
used are soy sauce, red pepper powder, and gochujang sauce that makes this dish red and has a spicy and 
fresh taste. Usually these dishes are served in restaurants with varying prices by size but usually cost 
between 38,000 Won - 50,000 Won.

3.Seonggae Miyeok Guk
Seonggae Miyeok-woof is a seaweed-based soup dish mostly found in Jeju. To make Miyeok-guk, 
seaweed in soak until fluffy then fried in sesame oil then boiled. This soup is very good for health 
because seaweed is rich in protein, vitamins, and iron but low in calories. This soup is commonly sold 
with a price range between 8,000 Won - 10,000 Won per serving.


Omaegi-tteok is a dish of Jeju rice cake made from black sticky rice and jewawut plant. These cakes 
are usually consumed in May - July in the spring. If at first glance this cake looks like a donut diameter
of 5cm but it feels very different, Omaegi-tteok very delicious if eaten while still hot. These cakes can 
be bought at traditional markets or rice cake shops throughout Jeju. The price varies depending on the 
store, but usually a pack of six cakes is usually sold around 3,000 Won.

5.Jeonbok Dolsotbap

Jeju Island is famous for having good seafood, so local people often use a variety of seafood as the
basic ingredients of their cuisine. Around Seongsanpo and Seopjikoji areas there are many restaurants
specializing in abalone dishes. One of the main dishes there is Jeonbok-dolsotbap, a rice with abalone 
and vegetable pieces on it served in a hot stone bowl. This dish is usually sold around 15,000 Won

A Gravel Story

The story in a hinterland, the life of a 
morose young man. All his life he
always decorate with regret.
Why did I do that ... Why this should 
be ...
The statement always flashed in the 
mind of the young man .... How many  
days did he pass away with such 
melancholy ... Until one day when he 
was sitting in front of his house came
 an elderly grandmother was hitting  
Something very heavy on his back.
Amazingly, the grandmother did not 
look tired or pale. His face was 
radiant and smiling. 
Then the grandmother asked the boy. 
"Son ... Grandma wanted to ask ...
 If this way through this way?" The 
young man was surprised and 
replied "Oh Grandma where to go? 
If this is the way Grandma will go to 
the other village.
" What grandma does Grandma bring?
 " The young man was curious about 
the ap that brought the grandmother.
"Oh thank you boy ... Grandma wants 
to somewhere that can put what this 
grandmother brought
" the grandmother replied. "What's 
this grandma doing?" The young man
began to wonder.
"Grandma brought the pebbles the 
grandmother picked up along this 
grandmother's journey." 
The grandmother replied with a smile
"Meaning the grandma the 
grandmother brought was pebbles? 
Khan is heavy Nek? Why do not 
grandma not feel tired of carrying so 
many pebbles?" The young man was 
more curious.
"Because the grandmother of the 
grandmother who brought this is not 
a pebble that weighs on grandmother 
This pebble is part of the grandmother
journey to where the gravel is to be 
put in. The pebble is beautiful ... and 
the happy grandmother takes it."
The grandmother's words made the 
young man pause for a moment ... 
then the young man asked 
"Um ... If I may know the place my 
grandmother called me to put this 
pebble where is Grandma?"
With a radiant smile ... 
the grandmother replied "Memories "
Then the grandmother walks 
again and disappears in the forest 

A Tree (Motivation Story)

On a journey a father with his son, a tall wooden tree turned out to be an interesting thing for them to see.
 Both stopped in the shade of the tree. "My son," said the father suddenly. This teenage boy was staring
 closely at his father. With such a greeting, the child understands that his father will say something serious.
 "Is there a lesson you can tell from a tree?" The father continued, his right hand grabbing a tree trunk 
nearby. "I think the tree could be a comfortable shelter, a clean water store of dirt, and a balmy cool air,"
 the boy replied, his eyes waiting for a certainty. "Good," the father's spontaneous response.
 "But, there is another interesting thing for us to see from a tree," added the father as suddenly his face 
looked up to the end of the top branch. "Watch the edge of the trees you see. Everything is perpendicular
 in the same direction. Even if he is on a sloping ground, the tree will force himself to stay straight on the
 light, "explained the father. "My son," said the father as suddenly his right hand grabbed the back of his
 son. "Make yourself like a tree, whatever the circumstances are, keep it straight with the light of truth,
" the father said so impressed. ** The state of the soil of life that we stand today, sometimes not on a
 wide flat land. There's always something not like what we want. There is a steep cliff, there is a grueling 
climb, there is a derivative sloping derivative, and there are holes that appear beyond expectations.
 The trees, as the father had said to his son, always positioned themselves in the robustness to always
 perpendicularly follow the source of the light of truth. Despite being on the cliffs of threats, climbing 
obstacles, temptation derivatives, and trap holes. "Make yourself like a tree, whatever the circumstances, 
keep it straight with the light of truth." ... Friend, Make yourself a tree, whatever the circumstance, 
keep straight with the light of truth, "Whoever you are, however you are, and Wherever you are. .. 
face and follow the straight light of truth ... because otherwise you will get lost in the dark. 
And If caught in the dark, do not curse the darkness, but turn on the cayaha though with Candles ... 

4 Candle Story

There are 4 candles that light up, Little by little out melting.
The atmosphere was so quiet that their conversation was heard
The first one says: "I am Peace." "But man can not keep me: so I better shut myself down!" So little by
 little the candle goes out.
The second one said: "I am Faith." "My dear is useless." "Man does not want to know me, for that is no
 use I keep burning." As soon as he spoke, the wind blew him out.
"Man is no longer looking at me and assumes I'm useful." "They hate each other, even hate those who
 love him, hate his family." Without waiting long time, then die the third candle.
Unexpectedly ...
A child then entered the room, and saw the three candles had been extinguished. For fear of the
darkness, he said: "Ekh what happened ?? You must stay alive, I fear the darkness! "
Then she sobbed.
Then with a fourth wax said:
Do not be afraid, Do not cry, as long as I am still there and burning, we can always light the other 
three Candles:
"I am HOPE."
With eyes shining, the boy takes the Candle of Hope, then re-lit the other three Candles.
What never dies is the HOPE that is in our hearts ... .and each of us may be a tool, like the child, 
who in any situation can revive Faith, Peace, Love with his HOPE!

Salt & Lake Story

Once upon a time, there lived a wise old man. One morning, there came a young man who was troubled by many problems. The steps are sluggish and the face is intricate. The guest, indeed, looked like an unhappy person. Without wasting time, the man told all his problems. The wise old man, just listening carefully. He then took a handful of salt, and asked his guest to take a glass of water. She sprinkled the salt into the glass, then stirred it slowly.
 "Try, drink this, and tell me how it feels ..", said the old man.
 "Bitter. Very bitter ",
replied the guest, spitting sideways. The old man, a little smile. He, then invites his guests, to walk to the edge of the lake in the forest near where he lived. The two men walked side by side, and finally they came to the edge of the calm lake.
The old man, then again sprinkled a handful of salt, into the lake. With a piece of wood, he made waves poking around and creating water ripples, disturbing the serenity of the lake. "Try, take water from this lake, and drink it. When the guest finished drinking the water, the old man said again,
 "How does it feel?". "Fresh.", Said his guest. 
"Do you feel the salt in the water?", Asked Old Man again.
 "No," the young man replied.
Wisely, the old man patted the young man's back. He then invited him to sit face to face, kneeling beside
 the lake. "Young man, listen. Bitter life, is like a handful of salt, no more and no less. The amount and 
taste of bitterness are the same, and indeed will remain the same. "But, the bitterness we feel, will depend 
on the container we have. The bitterness, based on the feeling in which we put everything. It will all
depend on our hearts. So when you feel bitterness and failure in life, there is only one thing you can 
do. Let your chest receive everything. Breathe your heart to contain every bitterness. 
" The old man then gave his advice again. 
"Your heart, is that container. Your feelings are the place. is where you hold everything. So do not 
make your heart like a glass, make a lake that can dampen every bitterness and turn it into freshness
and happiness. " Both then went home. They both learned that day. And the old man, the wise man,
again kept a "handful of salt", for the other young man, who often came to him bringing the unrest 
of the soul.

Beautiful Cup Story

A pair of grandparents go shopping at a souvenir shop to find a gift for their grandchild. Then their eyes are fixed on a beautiful cup. "Look at the cup," the grandmother said to her husband. "You're right, this is the prettiest cup I've ever seen," the old man said. As they approached the cup, suddenly the cup in question spoke "Thanks for the attention, please note that I was not beautiful at all. Before becoming an admired cup, I was just a pile of useless clay. But one day there was a craftsman with a dirty hand throwing me into a spinning wheel.
Then he started twirling me until I felt dizzy. Stop! Stop! I shouted, But the man said "not yet!" Then he 
started poking and punching me repeatedly. Stop! Stop! I shouted again. But this guy still punched me,
 ignoring my screams. Even worse he put me in the fireplace. Hot! Hot! I shouted loudly. Stop! Enough! 
I shouted again. But this guy said "not yet!"
Finally he lifted me out of the fireplace and let me cool. I think, finished my suffering. Oh it has not. 
After cold I was given to a young woman and and she started coloring me. The smoke was so cloying. 
Stop! Stop! I shouted.
The woman said "no!" Then he gave me to a man and he put me in a fireplace hotter than before! Please! 
Stop this torture! As I wept I shouted as loudly as I could. But this guy does not care about my screams.
 He keeps burning me. Once satisfied "torture me" now I was left cold.
After being completely cold, a beautiful woman picked me up and placed me near the glass. I see myself. I was shocked. I could hardly believe it, because in front of me stood a cup so beautiful. All my past afflictions and sufferings vanished when I saw myself.

10 Typical Food of Daegu City


The mandatory food you should try is Yukgaejang which is a spicy beef soup. This food is made from beef bone broth given chili powder, making the flavor is able to burn the tongue. Sliced ​​beef cooked with bean sprouts, garlic, eggs and soy sauce. Sesame oil is also used to add the aroma of a suitable dish eaten during the day. Spread of sliced ​​leek also adds to the flavor of the soup that is usually eaten with white rice.

2.Yaki Udon

Stir-fried noodle dish with a spicy sweet taste can be enjoyed by tasting Yaki Udon. Yaki Udon can be found in all areas of Daegu.

The usual udon raw materials served with sauce are made different by stir-frying and spices such as soy sauce, tabasco sauce, oyster sauce, rice vinegar and brown sugar to give Yaki Udon a sweet taste. Udon is usually sauteed with shrimp and sliced ​​meat to add a savory taste to this dish.

3.Napjak Mandu

Unlike the general form of mandu, Napjak Mandu is thin and flat. It has a soft and smooth texture, this Daegu mandu is made of mandu dough in general but is formed thin and then boiled in water which is then fried with hot oil. Daegu soy sauce and sliced ​​vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, leeks and dried seaweed accompany the serving of Napjak Mandu which makes the taste more delicious.

4.Muchim Hoe

Muchim Hoe is a kind of fish salad that has a delicious spicy flavor. Made from raw fish flavored with 
chili pepper paste, gochujang and vinegar make the sour taste spicy from every Muchim Hoe bite.
Parsley leaf splashes were also stirred along with the fish to add fresh flavor to the fish salad. 
A unique flavor combination can only be found while visiting Daegu city.


This noodle dish is very
representative of the culture of the city of Daegu. The majority of Daegu
residents consume noodles as their staple food. Nureun-guksu made from thin
noodles boiled with anchovie fish broth. The savory taste of this dish is also
derived from soy sauce that comes mixed during the noodle infusion.
Nureun-guksu served with sliced ​​vegetables such as green mustard and
cucumber. It is suitable if eaten at night due to hot noodles soup that can
warm the body.